The Coping Cafe

The second Tuesday of every month..

In the spring of 2018, our team began discussing a new way to provide free psycho-educational talks and quality conversations in our community in a more relaxed setting than in just a traditional and sometimes intimidating group therapy meeting. We then thought what makes talking about and educating others about a variety of mental health topics more comfortable? But first, coffee of course! So, we decided to bring a few of our favorite things together; coffee and tea, a café feel and café style refreshments, psycho-educational information,and an open and supportive group conversation all in the comfort of our office. We then created a consistent schedule in which a different team member and outside professional working in a related field would present on a variety of mental health topics.

After one short, but related alliteration for a title and a quick Photoshop edit with our practice logo in the foam of a cappuccino from a local coffee shop, the “Coping Café” was beginning to come to life! We decided to begin hosting the Coping Cafe in May of 2018 and were in awe and appreciation for the initial audience who attended. After over just one year, this idea, title, and logo have grown to become so much more than we ever anticipated. We have continuously filled our meeting room, had groups make the Coping Café a monthly tradition for their friends and family, and have been honored to educate others on many mental health topics and treatment options that many individuals, parents, teens, and families can relate to. 

It has been such a dream come true to watch the Coping Café become more than a monthly event, but it’s own website, YouTube channel with weekly vlogs by our staff, and most importantly a warm and safe place for people to gather together and start off their weekends with quality information and some self-care. We hope you will experience and enjoy the Coping Café for yourself be it by attending a monthly talk, through this website, or our informational vlogs. If this is your first visit or if you are a returning guest, we are delighted to welcome you to the Coping Café!

For more information and to see the schedule click here.